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Jimny 1998 - 2004. Reduction Gears -24%

The factory ratio is 1.32:1.
The new ratio is 1,63:1 = -24% reduction.

Sales price 582,80 €
Sales price without tax 470,00 €
Tax amount 112,80 €

This product includes the correct 'gear' for the correction of speedometers depending on the size of the tires.

The resulting reduction (percentage) is the same rate for both the HIGH and LOW range.

The profile of the gearing teeth is specially designed for a perfect fitting with the Suzuki chain and their cutting and finishing is done with special cutters for an optimum performance and in order to minimise noise.

They replace both the factory gears without causing any other modification, neither in the chain nor in any other component of the transfer case.

They are compatible with the factory planetary unit (slow speed) as with our own planetary system which can be added at any later stage in future.

Units in box: 1 set